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07 Oct Xacto Signs fabricates new sign for the MacDonald Women’s Hospital

The team that created Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital’s iconic statue, “Where Dreams Come True,” is at it again. Recently a new statue, “Where Hope is Born” has been erected nearby to welcome patients and their families to the MacDonald Women’s Hospital.

The piece is a collaboration between philanthropists Iris and Mort November, artist Hector Vega and Senior Development Chair of University Hospitals Pat Swenson.

MacDonald Women’s Hospital is a part of University Hospital’s Main Campus, which also encompasses Case Medical Center, Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital and the Seidman Cancer Center. Swenson explained that the Women’s Hospital entrance can be especially difficult for people to find.

“We figured we needed something to show that this is MacDonald Women’s Hospital,” said Swenson.
In addition to the statue’s practical function, “Where Hope is Born” was designed with creative meaning and significance in mind.

“The statue celebrates women of all cultures and professions,” said Vega. “The woman has different skin tones, multi hair colors and types. She wears both a dress and a business suit representing stay at home moms and working women.”

The woman carries a baby wearing a hat that reads “Mort” on one side, and “Iris” on the other, a tribute to the statue’s donors.

Mort and Iris November have long supported philanthropic causes for children, in honor of Mort November’s daughter Debra Ann.



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Source: The Observer