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Loyalty & Rewards

Earn Points Redeemable for Future Wholesale Channel Letters.


We are proud to announce the Xacto Signs Loyalty & Rewards program that offers rewards for every dollar spent on wholesale channel letter projects for returning customers. Each dollar spent is converted into loyalty points and can be redeemed for discounts on future channel letter sign projects.


Let us be the first and only call you make for your wholesale sign projects!





Each inch on channel letters equals 1 loyalty point.





Loyalty points can be redeemed the following year on channel letter sign projects and points expire at the end of the year.





Participating in the Loyalty & Rewards Program is convenient, you are automatically enrolled and your point balance is maintained by Xacto Signs and available points will be applied to eligible invoices automatically.




The Rules

  • Loyalty points can only be earned on channel letter projects and used on future channel letter projects.
  • One inch equals one point.
  • Loyalty points cannot be earned or used for taxes, shipping, delivery, or crating.
  • Loyalty points cannot be earned on work paid with rewards; loyalty points are accumulated on amounts actually paid.
  • Loyalty points expire at the year’s end and can only be used the following year (e.g. loyalty points earned in 2014 can only be redeemed in 2015 and they expire at the end of 2015).
  • Rewards redemption is limited to 10% of total invoice amount.
  • Rewards redemption is permitted on multiple invoices.